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Victorine Lieske

My Twin Sister's Extremely Famous and Incredibly Hot Neighbor

My Twin Sister's Extremely Famous and Incredibly Hot Neighbor

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Switching identities was the easy part...until love got in the way.

When Mackenzie agrees to switch places with her famous twin sister, Jera, she doesn’t realize what she’ll be getting herself into, namely, getting stuck wearing nothing but a towel and hanging halfway out of the bathroom window. Luckily, Dustin Sawyer, the handsome actor next door, comes to save her. But there’s a problem—he is in a feud with Jera.

As Mackenzie tries to navigate her sister’s Hollywood life and keep up appearances, she finds an unlikely ally in Dustin. Despite their initial misunderstandings, Mackenzie and Dustin share an undeniable connection that deepens with each passing day. But there’s one major obstacle standing in their way—Dustin believes Mackenzie is Jera.

Caught between her growing feelings for Dustin and the guilt of deceiving him, Mackenzie must find the courage to reveal the truth before it’s too late.

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