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Victorine Lieske

All Books Bundle

All Books Bundle

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Get your romance reading all in one place! Grab this 26 book bundle at a significant savings! With a couple of bonus stories.

- The Married Series: Accidentally Married, Reluctantly Married, Mistakenly Married, Blissfully Married, Acting Married

- The Billionaire Series: Her Big Fat Fake Billionaire Boyfriend, Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend, Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire Boss, Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex

- The Rockford High Series: Don't Bet on Love, Don't Fall for Trouble, Don't Trust the Impostor, Don't Kiss Your Enemy, Don't Trash the Heartthrob

- The Billionaire Club Series: A Marriage of Anything But Convenience, A Case of Extreme Mistaken Identity, A Deception of Massive Proportion, A Necessary Nudge out of the Friend Zone, A Possibility of an Unexpected Second Chance

PLUS These Single Titles: Falling for My Best Friend, Angel's Can't Fall in Love, Isabella and the Slipper, The Truth Comes Out, The Practice Date, Not What She Seems, Saving Cade, Falling for the Beast, Christmas with the Recluse, and Aria's Christmas Wish

Rockford High Series

Don't Bet on Love

It was just a simple bet. Too bad his heart got involved.

Get the school’s ice queen to go to Homecoming with him. Lane didn’t think it would be a big deal. He was on the football team. Girls liked him. He takes the challenge. What he didn’t know was that the ice queen overheard the whole thing.

Trudy was having the worst day of her life. And then she overhears Lane and Gabe talking smack about her. If Lane thought he could sweet talk her into going to Homecoming with him, he was going to be disappointed.

But when the principal forces her to tutor Lane in calculus, she’s stuck.

Trudy devises a plan to get back at him. What she didn’t plan on was losing her heart to him.

Don't Fall for Trouble

He was the ultimate bad boy. She should have stayed away.

Jessica has to get a good grade in science class, or she might not get into the top music school in the country. But when she's paired up with the school bad boy on an important project, she is sunk.

Only, as she spends time with him she finds out he has a sweet side. She starts to wonder if he's really the bad boy everyone makes him out to be.

And when he kisses her, everything changes.

If only her super-strict father hadn't caught them kissing in her bedroom...

Don't Trust the Impostor

He was hot. And charming. And a total fake.

Destiny couldn't help but like Eli. He was cute and always knew what to say to make her pulse race. But she was dating Jack so she kept her distance. Too bad Jack was treating her like a jerk.

When she finally decided to dump the jerk so she could go out with Eli, she overhears Eli talking on the phone and finds out the truth. Eli was not actually into her. He was being paid to flirt with her.

Destiny swears she will never speak to Eli again. But he won't stop. Her heart is torn. Can she trust the impostor?

Don't Kiss Your Enemy

He's had a crush on her forever. The only problem? She now hates him.

Cole likes Amanda, but it never seemed to be the right time. Now he has a chance to finally make his move, at the Halloween dance. Unfortunately, there’s a problem. Amanda finds out his father is the one destroying the opera house, the building she's trying to save.

Cole tries to lighten the situation by sending Amanda an anonymous text during class. One thing leads to another and he finds himself getting to know her through her texts, something he hadn’t planned on.

And she starts to warm up to him.

But what will she say when she finds out her enemy is the one she’s been texting, and baring her soul to?

Don't Trash the Heartthrob

He was a movie star. She was a nobody. Until their worlds collided.

Stephanie couldn’t believe it when the handsome and famous actor, Brandon Travers, responded to her Vlog. Maybe it hadn’t been the best idea to publicly state how poorly he played Xander in the latest movie craze, The Paper Pirate. Now Brandon wanted a public apology, one that Stephanie wasn’t about to make.

Brandon’s life was out of control. Every second of his life was dictated by other people. He had to play so many parts, he’d forgotten what living his own life was like. His only escape from all of the pressure was something that could end up destroying him. And he couldn’t stop.

The only thing he looked forward to was talking to Stephanie. He needed her help or he was going to end up imploding.

Romantic Suspense

Not What She Seems

A New York Times bestseller!

Steven Ashton, a billionaire from New York, and Emily Grant, on the run from the law...and when they meet he can’t help falling for her. What he doesn’t know is that interfering in her life will put his own life in danger. 

When billionaire Steven Ashton couldn’t stand his high society social life anymore, he left the stress of New York on a vacation for his soul. The need to meet real down to earth people led him to a small Nebraska town. He didn’t want to lie about who he was, but he couldn’t exactly tell them the truth.

Emily could have easily fallen in love with Steven, under different circumstances, but her past was catching up with her and she needed a new life. If the authorities found out about her, she could lose the one thing that meant everything, her four year old son.

This book is a "sweet" romantic suspense, appropriate for all ages.

Saving Cade

Fleeing from an abusive relationship, Meg takes his precious Mustang and runs. Afraid the police will be after her, the last thing she needs is a wanted man in her car. But when Cade McMillan saves her life and gets hurt, she can’t just leave him by the side of the road, bleeding. And waiting for the cops is out of the question.

Cade McMillan just wants to clear his name, but in order to do that he has to find the man who murdered his girlfriend and set him up. He doesn’t need to get tangled up in a relationship, and definitely doesn’t need to fall in love. But he can’t help feeling drawn to the sassy woman who saved him from getting picked up by the police.

As Cade realizes someone is trying to kill him, he must decide if staying with Meg is worth the danger he’s putting her in.

Fake Marriage Series


Wanted: Fake Girlfriend

Madison Nichols, an aspiring actress, is floundering. Her rent is due and she needs a job. Desperately. After getting a tip about an open position, she rushes to Jameson Technologies and meets CEO Jared Jameson. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, she is put in the awkward position of pretending to be his girlfriend. Not the job she was applying for. And when she finds out Jared lied to her to get what he wanted, she decides to get back at him. In front of his family.

Jared is stunned when Madison announces they are getting married. She pushed her revenge too far. How can he tell them it’s all a lie? And when his sick aunt asks them to be married before she dies, Madison comes up with a hair-brained plan to hire an actor and stage a fake wedding.

What they both don’t know is Jared’s father has found out about the fake wedding. And he’s got his own hair-brained plan.

Accidentally Married is a sweet romance.


He's her enemy. Too bad she has to fake it for the camera.

Megan Holloway can’t stand her local morning show co-host, Adam Warner, even though he’s a total hunk. He goads her on-air until she says things she regrets. But since ratings increase each time they have an on-air fight, the producer encourages his behavior.

When a relationship specialist comes onto the show purporting that Adam has hidden feelings for her, she reluctantly agrees to go out with him—on camera. What starts out as one date turns into a viral dating show with Megan and Adam alternating between locking lips and knocking heads.

As Megan fights her growing attraction to Adam, their popularity increases and ABC takes notice, offering them their own program. Not a morning show like Megan is hoping, but a dating show in which she and Adam must marry at the end. With the promise of a hundred thousand dollars and the possibility of scoring what she really wants, her own national program, she signs on.

What she doesn’t know is that Adam has fallen in love with her, and his objective is to get her to do the same.


It was only a business arrangement. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

When her online boyfriend stands Penny up at the altar, she ends up marrying the wrong man. Oops. But Harrison needs to be married to get his inheritance so they concoct a crazy plan.

Too bad her heart races every time he’s around.

William just needs to prove to his stepmother that he’s married. But things don’t go as planned. And Penny breathes life into his world.

He finds himself wishing their fake marriage were real.

The Billionaire Club Series


It was a simple marriage of convenience. Just two years. What could possibly go wrong?

All Nara wants in life is to become a fashion designer. That, and an IV full of Diet Coke to feed her favorite addiction. She never thought her father would force her into a marriage of convenience. And who did he choose for her wedded bliss? None other than Derek Marshall, Mr. Stuffy himself.

Derek’s been in love with Nara since they were kids, but he’s always become so tongue-tied around her. He wasn’t smooth, or confident. No, he was too awkward and nervous. So, when Nara’s father decides it’s best if they marry for the sake of his company, he agrees.

But being around Nara every second of every day isn’t as easy as he was thinking it would be. He’s falling harder and faster for Nara than ever before. Too bad she hates everything about him.


Megara Jordan is stranded, penniless in the Cayman Islands. Being the daughter of a famous actor, she’s never had to work a day in her life. Until now. Too bad she has no idea how to clean toilets or wash laundry. And to make things worse, the handsome maintenance man keeps showing up, distracting her from her real goal – getting the money she needs to get home.

Austin Scott, the famous football player from the Los Angeles Demons, is recovering from a severe knee injury. He’s also hiding from his crazy ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone. When Megara mistakes him for a maintenance man, it’s refreshing.

So he lies and keeps up the pretense.

But soon sparks fly between them and he begins to feel more and more guilty about deceiving her. As their relationship grows, and he finds out how many times she’s been hurt by people who have lied to her, he is put in a difficult position. How will he ever be able to come clean?

Will Nara ever see him as anything other than an uptight work-a-holic?

A sweet romantic comedy, full of laugh out loud moments and swoony kisses.


She's a reporter. He wears a mask. One kiss changes everything.

When tabloid reporter, Riley Campbell, lands the job to be Shadow Walker’s personal assistant for one week, she thinks the stars have finally aligned for her. She can spend an entire week digging around to figure out the masked pop singer’s true identity and get that promotion she desperately needs to save her father. But when things start to get personal with Shadow Walker, Riley has to decide if deceiving him really is the best plan.

Jalen Carter had never had a break in his life. That is, until he put on a mask that hid his burned skin and entered American Superstar, the popular singing competition that jumpstarted his career. Now his concerts are sold out nation-wide. The only problem? He must keep his identity a secret or all his fame could come crashing down around him. When the lovely Riley Campbell enters his life and makes him weak in the knees, he’s not sure what to do. Will revealing his true identity scare her away? If you enjoy sweet romance with swoony lead characters and kisses that will make you sigh, this is the book for you.


Getting out of the dreaded Friend Zone isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Remi’s been in love with her childhood best friend forever, but when Colton moves to LA to become a famous actor, she figures he’s out of her life for good. That is, until she calls off her wedding and runs into Colton—literally—on the trip that was supposed to be her honeymoon. Her new mission: To shove herself out of the Friend Zone and into Colton’s arms.

Colton’s at the famous Billionaire Club resort for one reason: To increase publicity for his new movie by fake dating his co-star. When he finds Remi at the resort, things change. Seeing Remi again sets his heart ablaze with emotions he can no longer deny.

Experience the breathtaking journey of love as Remi and Colton navigate the dazzling world of fame and romance. Brace yourself for heartwarming moments, electric chemistry, and unexpected twists that will leave you craving for more.

A Possibility of an Unexpected Second Chance

Some people are just meant to be together. Too bad Lana didn’t believe in fate.

When Lana got the lead role for a romantic comedy to be shot on location at the Cayman Islands, she was thrilled. That is, until she saw her ex, Hayden Sterling, working on set. She’d fallen hard for Hayden five years ago, but then he ruthlessly dumped her.

Hayden’s been in love with Lana ever since he first laid eyes on her when they worked together on a film. But the last thing he wanted to do was ruin her career, and the public made it clear they didn’t like her dating a lowly prop man. So, he stepped back.

But he regrets that decision. And seeing Lana again was only bringing up his long-buried feelings.

Sweet Billionaire Romance Series

Her Big Fat Fake Billionaire Boyfriend

Kenzie Bennett just wants to attend her sister’s wedding without looking like the loser her mother thinks she is. When she mistakes Camden for her date-for-hire, she doesn’t realize her good fortune. Unfortunately, her ex left her scarred, and even though Camden is everything she’d want in a man, she’s not looking for love.

Camden James needs a distraction from his crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, and Kenzie fits the bill perfectly. Spunky and full of life, she makes him laugh. The more time he spends with her, the more he falls in love. Too bad she’s made it clear there isn’t anything between them.

Kenzie Bennett just wants to attend her sister’s wedding without looking like the loser her mother thinks she is. When she mistakes Camden for her date-for-hire, she doesn’t realize her good fortune. Unfortunately, her ex left her scarred, and even though Camden is everything she’d want in a man, she’s not looking for love.

Camden James needs a distraction from his crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, and Kenzie fits the bill perfectly. Spunky and full of life, she makes him laugh. The more time he spends with her, the more he falls in love. Too bad she’s made it clear there isn’t anything between them.

Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend

Miranda Moore is devastated when her fiancé dumps her right before her wedding. Luckily her best friend, Drew Tucker, comes to her rescue, agreeing to go with her on the Star Venture cruise trip she booked. But he’s changed, and strange new feelings towards him are making it hard for Miranda to stay focused. She needs to keep her friendship with Drew. Falling in love would ruin everything!

Drew’s been in love with Miranda since he could remember. But unfortunately, she only thinks of him as a friend. When she gets dumped right before her dream cruise trip, he agrees to go with her to get her mind off her ex. Too bad it kills him to be with her, knowing she could never return his affections.

Her Big Fat Hunky Billionaire Boss

Katherine Fox loves working for the small-town newspaper. She even has her own quirky column. But when Damian Warren, the handsome billionaire and owner of the newspaper shows up looking to shut them down, she decides this means war. She creates a fake profile on a dating website to befriend him and get the inside scoop.

Damian just wants to find out why his father bought the small newspaper years ago, and why he kept it on the books. Then, he can finally get the poor-performing business off his spreadsheets. He didn’t expect to fall for the feisty secretary. Too bad she’d never leave her beloved small town. His business was in New York. Things between them couldn’t possibly work.

Her Big Fat Dreamy Billionaire Ex

Felicity should have suspected something when she got hired to take pictures at a resort in Belize, all expenses paid. When she arrives and bumps into her ex-fiancé, Aiden, she realizes she’s been set up. His grandmother is playing matchmaker and every time she turns around Grams is forcing Aiden and her together. But she can’t fall for him again, it was a disaster last time, and she doesn’t want to repeat the past.

Aiden can’t believe Felicity is at his resort. She broke his heart five years ago, and he’s determined not to allow it to happen again. But one disaster after another keeps forcing them together and he’s sure Grams is behind all of it. He’s just not sure how long he can hold out without pulling Felicity into his arms and confessing that he never really got over her.

Fairytale Retelling Romance Series

Falling for the Beast

Aribelle is backed into the position of cleaning house for the horrible Mr. Thaddeus Walker. Not only is he rude, he’s dangerously secretive, going out at night and coming home with injuries which seem to heal mysteriously fast. She should be keeping her distance, not trying to break down his barriers. But the more she uncovers, the more attracted she becomes until the cost of exposing his secrets fades behind the risk of losing her heart.

Thaddeus knows he should have sent the girl away instead of allowing her into his home. Now she’s asking questions he can’t answer. And the more time they spend together, the more he wishes he could pull her close and kiss her. But he can’t afford to do that. Beautiful Aribelle could never love a beast.

Isabella and the Slipper

She's a nobody. He's Mr. Popular. Too bad it would never work out.

When Isabella accidentally switches phones with Chase Hawkins, the hottest guy in school, she finds herself making an unexpected connection with her secret crush. There’s only one problem: her awful stepmother and two horrible stepsisters would freak out if they knew. Plus, she’s sure Chase will run if he finds out he’s been texting the school nobody. But things get interesting when he gets paired up with her in physics class. Will it blow her cover?

Christmas Romance

Christmas with the Recluse

His heart is frozen. She's the sunlight he's been missing.

When Charley gets sent by her father to appraise a mansion full of antiques, she’s shocked to find the owner is cold and mean, and doesn’t want anything to do with Christmas. And even worse? It’s not really an appraisal job at all. He just wants her to clean out his mountain of junk from his garage. But Charley makes it her goal to show him that Christmas is a special time of year. And as time goes on, she sees his frozen heart start to thaw.

Alexander has been dealing with the guilt from his wife’s death for two long years. It’s time to move past, so he hires someone to help rid his garage of his wife’s memories. But when she arrives, she’s not at all what he was expecting. And even though she’s a bit crazy, she helps him find his Christmas spirit once again.

Aria's Christmas Wish

Kendra hears him on the radio every day and sees him in her daughter’s eyes every night. If only she could get him out of her heart.

All Kendra wants to do is get through the holidays and figure out what her daughter wants for Christmas. When Jacob comes back to her small town for Christmas, Kendra is terrified he’s going to break her heart all over again. But what can she do to protect herself when her daughter wants to spend every waking moment with the handsome singer?

Jacob is stunned when he sees his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. Kendra denies she’s his, but he can’t believe her. She looks just like him. But why would Kendra have kept her pregnancy from him? Did she hate him that much? She’s pushing him away at every turn, but he’s determined to find out the truth. And if he can, get his family back.

Young Adult

The Practice Date

Jane’s been in love with her best friend Lance since they were kids. Best friend, that is, until he ditched her for the more popular crowd. What’s a computer nerd doing spending time with jocks anyway?

When he asks her for help getting a date to the prom with the most popular girl in school she almost tells him to take a flying leap. But she’d be spending time with him, teaching him to dance and he’d be holding her…that sounded like heaven.

So she says yes.

But how much practice can her heart take?

The Truth Comes Out

It’s bad when Sadie’s teacher assigns her to work with her nemesis Aaron, the hottest guy in class who stole the student body presidency from her. It’s even worse when Aaron brings out his dad’s lie detector for their project. He’s the last person on earth Sadie would want to discover secrets buried long in her past.

Aaron has liked Sadie for over a year, but she doesn’t seem interested. This assignment should be the perfect opportunity to learn more about her, and hopefully convince her to go out with him. Unfortunately, things often don’t go as planned.

Angel Adam's My Messed Up Afterlife

Angels Can't Fall in Love

I didn't mean to mess up my afterlife. It just...happened.

I didn’t expect to die at sixteen. (Stupid garbage truck.) And now I’m in some strange place they call the Inbetween, and Aiden, my slacker guardian angel who let me die, is teaching me the ways of the afterlife. He’s not very good at it. He doesn’t like being stuck with me, he sucks at teaching, and he’s always running off, so I’m left to bumble through things by myself a lot.

I get assigned to be a guardian angel to Tyler, the hottest guy in school, which is weird because I’ve never been in the cool crowd. Now I’m hanging out with the popular kids. They can’t see me, but who cares. It’s kind of fun learning all their gossip. Until my angel tablet tells me Tyler’s going to die, and it’s my job to save him.

If that’s not bad enough, I start to develop a massive crush on Tyler, which is against the angel rules. Angels can’t fall in love. Then I suddenly become visible to Tyler, and everything falls apart.

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