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Victorine Lieske

The Billionaire Club Series Bundle

The Billionaire Club Series Bundle

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It was a simple marriage of convenience. Just two years. What could possibly go wrong?

All Nara wants in life is to become a fashion designer. That, and an IV full of Diet Coke to feed her favorite addiction. She never thought her father would force her into a marriage of convenience. And who did he choose for her wedded bliss? None other than Derek Marshall, Mr. Stuffy himself.

Derek’s been in love with Nara since they were kids, but he’s always become so tongue-tied around her. He wasn’t smooth, or confident. No, he was too awkward and nervous. So, when Nara’s father decides it’s best if they marry for the sake of his company, he agrees.

But being around Nara every second of every day isn’t as easy as he was thinking it would be. He’s falling harder and faster for Nara than ever before. Too bad she hates everything about him.


Megara Jordan is stranded, penniless in the Cayman Islands. Being the daughter of a famous actor, she’s never had to work a day in her life. Until now. Too bad she has no idea how to clean toilets or wash laundry. And to make things worse, the handsome maintenance man keeps showing up, distracting her from her real goal – getting the money she needs to get home.

Austin Scott, the famous football player from the Los Angeles Demons, is recovering from a severe knee injury. He’s also hiding from his crazy ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone. When Megara mistakes him for a maintenance man, it’s refreshing.

So he lies and keeps up the pretense.

But soon sparks fly between them and he begins to feel more and more guilty about deceiving her. As their relationship grows, and he finds out how many times she’s been hurt by people who have lied to her, he is put in a difficult position. How will he ever be able to come clean?

Will Nara ever see him as anything other than an uptight work-a-holic?

A sweet romantic comedy, full of laugh out loud moments and swoony kisses.


She's a reporter. He wears a mask. One kiss changes everything.

When tabloid reporter, Riley Campbell, lands the job to be Shadow Walker’s personal assistant for one week, she thinks the stars have finally aligned for her. She can spend an entire week digging around to figure out the masked pop singer’s true identity and get that promotion she desperately needs to save her father. But when things start to get personal with Shadow Walker, Riley has to decide if deceiving him really is the best plan.

Jalen Carter had never had a break in his life. That is, until he put on a mask that hid his burned skin and entered American Superstar, the popular singing competition that jumpstarted his career. Now his concerts are sold out nation-wide. The only problem? He must keep his identity a secret or all his fame could come crashing down around him. When the lovely Riley Campbell enters his life and makes him weak in the knees, he’s not sure what to do. Will revealing his true identity scare her away? If you enjoy sweet romance with swoony lead characters and kisses that will make you sigh, this is the book for you.


Getting out of the dreaded Friend Zone isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Remi’s been in love with her childhood best friend forever, but when Colton moves to LA to become a famous actor, she figures he’s out of her life for good. That is, until she calls off her wedding and runs into Colton—literally—on the trip that was supposed to be her honeymoon. Her new mission: To shove herself out of the Friend Zone and into Colton’s arms.

Colton’s at the famous Billionaire Club resort for one reason: To increase publicity for his new movie by fake dating his co-star. When he finds Remi at the resort, things change. Seeing Remi again sets his heart ablaze with emotions he can no longer deny.

Experience the breathtaking journey of love as Remi and Colton navigate the dazzling world of fame and romance. Brace yourself for heartwarming moments, electric chemistry, and unexpected twists that will leave you craving for more.

A Possibility of an Unexpected Second Chance

Some people are just meant to be together. Too bad Lana didn’t believe in fate.

When Lana got the lead role for a romantic comedy to be shot on location at the Cayman Islands, she was thrilled. That is, until she saw her ex, Hayden Sterling, working on set. She’d fallen hard for Hayden five years ago, but then he ruthlessly dumped her.

Hayden’s been in love with Lana ever since he first laid eyes on her when they worked together on a film. But the last thing he wanted to do was ruin her career, and the public made it clear they didn’t like her dating a lowly prop man. So, he stepped back.

But he regrets that decision. And seeing Lana again was only bringing up his long-buried feelings.

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