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Victorine Lieske

A Deception of Massive Proportion

A Deception of Massive Proportion

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She's a reporter. He wears a mask. One kiss changes everything.

When tabloid reporter, Riley Campbell, lands the job to be Shadow Walker’s personal assistant for one week, she thinks the stars have finally aligned for her. She can spend an entire week digging around to figure out the masked pop singer’s true identity and get that promotion she desperately needs to save her father. But when things start to get personal with Shadow Walker, Riley has to decide if deceiving him really is the best plan.

Jalen Carter had never had a break in his life. That is, until he put on a mask that hid his burned skin and entered American Superstar, the popular singing competition that jumpstarted his career. Now his concerts are sold out nation-wide. The only problem? He must keep his identity a secret or all his fame could come crashing down around him. When the lovely Riley Campbell enters his life and makes him weak in the knees, he’s not sure what to do. Will revealing his true identity scare her away? If you enjoy sweet romance with swoony lead characters and kisses that will make you sigh, this is the book for you.

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